Covering a 12-hour vacancy


There is no doubt that shiftworkers prefer 12-hour shifts over 8-hour shifts. It’s not that they like being at work for an extra four hours. They like the additional 91 days off a year.

Therein lies the problem.

With so many days off, it seems that the crew you need to get in touch with for absentee coverage is always gone.

8-hour shifts offer the following two conveniences: First, you can always ask an 8-hour person to stay over. They are already at work so contacting them simply means walking out to their work station and tapping them on the shoulder. Secondly, they are at work on 75% of the days of the year. If you need to change their schedule on a specific day, the chances are good that you just go out onto the work floor and tell them. They are probably there.

12-hour shifts have neither of these advantages. You don’t want to ask a 12-hour person to stay over for 4, 8 or even 12 hours. Also, they only work 50% of the days in the year. So, if you want to go out on the floor to tell them their schedule is changed, there is a 50/50 chance that they are on a day off and not on the floor.

The single biggest reason, by far, that companies on 12-hour schedules contact us is because of problems with absentee coverage.

People are on their days off when you need them. Your supervisor makes one call after another until someone answers their phone and is willing to come in. This is a time consuming process that takes your most expensive asset and turns it into a telemarketer.

There is a solution.

Shiftwork Solutions and Shifthound have partnered together to develop software that greatly simplifies absentee coverage on 12-hour shifts. While it works with all types of shifts, 12-hour schedule tend to have the biggest problem and would thus have the biggest benefit.

The program takes advantage of the overwhelming prevalence of cell phones, text messages and the internet.

For example, if there is a last minute opening, a supervisor can send out an overtime request to an entire crew that is schedule off. Instead of making one call after another, everyone is notified in moments.

We know that about 20% of all shiftworkers will work all of the overtime they can get. If an entire crew is notified of an overtime opportunity, the positive responses should come in quickly. They can accept overtime via text messages, email or online through the Open Shift Management program.

For more information about this product, call our office at (415) 763-5005.

One thought on “Covering a 12-hour vacancy

  1. Patricia J Cawvey,LPN IV Certified

    I am a LPN with 37 yrs experiance—I became A nurse @ age19,I have experiance in just about every field–I have had advanced Pharmacology,compleated–IV certification for the state of MO,& I carry a licence for the state of MO & IL –I would Be interrested in Poss 12 hr Shifts- WITH BENIFITS-@ one time I was self employed,along with my Mother & Father & 2 sisters who are also nurses- My Parent’s are deceased-Taking care of the most influencial people in the state of MO,I also have letters of recomendation from Dr.’s & persons of interrest from my self employed era–inwhich my family took care of Personal patients–there was a female DR @ Grant’s clinic-Grace Bergner,MD That I was very fond of -the dr.’s who sent us out on cases; My Mother actually started with the Elder Dr. SAM GRANT–Who had 3 son’s,John ,Nevile& Sam Grant–Sam Grant Jr.was a proffesor @ The Washington University–I have worked in hospitals, Nursing homes, Rehab Centers(with alot of Psych patients) & Private Duty,either being self employed, Or thru agencies–I have presentley been working @ A rehab center that also have geriatric’s Alot of Va Patients, & PSYCH residents for the last 10 yrs, I love caring for the resident’s & believe in keeping a good rapor with the families, but I am completely upset with the staff–they try to be ignorant, & LAZY–inwhich I AM NOT– I don’t even bother taking the 15 min ,or the half hr. lunch break–I would rather spend the time consoling & caring for the RES–My health is good, I seam to match or over do my co-workers–any suggestions? Thank you

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