8 thoughts on “10-Hour Shifts – Part One

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  4. Susan Bond

    My workplace in Health wants to change from 11&12 hour overnight shifts. A colleague has proposed a roster that has the night staff ( pathology) working 6x 10 hrs plus 5x 10 hrs per month, also day shifts between to make up the full time commitment. Can you please advise if this is too many overnight shifts in a row , as I believe it is? I would appreciate your comment.

  5. James

    I would like to see 24/7 with 7 crew..ideal is to have 2 per shift..Help!! 2 out of the 7 only sees 8 hr days..the rest is ops mind set. So we can have the two work days..the rest flexible.

  6. Laura

    I have 5 people.
    2 shifts 7-3 & 3-11
    Want 10 hour shifts.
    Work week Sunday-Saturday
    Pay Period ends on Sunday
    40 hours per employee

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