12 unexpected insights ―When it comes to shiftwork, do you know what you don’t know?

All companies are unique. We found this to be true while working with hundreds of organizations across multiple industries. However, commonalities do exist. The following 12 insights tend to be universally true in a broad sense. Interestingly, some of these … Read the rest

12 most frequently asked questions from business leaders before undergoing a schedule change

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12 Symptoms You May Not Know Are Connected

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Seasonal and Unbalanced Scheduling: A Case Study

Operation Managers and Human Resource Managers know that if your workload has seasonality, then you need a plan to deal with it.  Maybe your strategy is to maximize gains or maybe its to minimize lost opportunities.  Whatever your priority is, … Read the rest

Shiftwork Solutions Survey System

If you are like most successful companies, you have made Employee Engagement a top priority.  You have a participative environment that invites the workforce to share in the creation and therefore, ownership of solutions to operational issues and problems.

Then, … Read the rest

Why Your 12-hour Schedule is More Attractive than You Think

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“I Need a Nap!” — It’s time to sleep on shift.

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When should your shifts start?

As a Plant Manager or Human Resources Manager, in a shiftwork operation, you’ve certainly heard “Everyone that I know wants to start the shifts at such-and-such a time.”  You hear this but the question is – What do you do … Read the rest

Is Your Shift Schedule Lean?

There are many aspects to the concept of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking.  One of the fundamental goals of applying lean concepts is to eliminate waste in the process. 

What can we do to minimize waste in shift schedules?  In … Read the rest