How many people does it take to staff your schedule? (Part 1)

As with most shiftwork related issues, the question of “How Many?” has a short and a long answer.
Here is a link to the long answer.

Let’s start with the short answer.

Add up all of the man-hours that need to be covered and divide by 40.  For example, if you need 30 people for 8 hours a day, Monday – Friday and 20 people for 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday, you would do the following math:

(30 people * 8 hours * 5 days) plus (20 people * 12 hours * 2 days) to get 1,680

Now, divide 1,680 by 40 to get 42.

This means you should use 42 people on some type of schedule to provide the coverage.  With that number (42), you should expect to see an overtime rate around 10% once you take into account things like vacation, sickness, extra work and such.

That’s the short answer and as such, it could be perfect or it could be wildly inaccurate based on your operation.

Part 2 of this post gets into the longer answer.

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