Surviving in the tough business world we live in today requires three major components: satisfied shareholders, satisfied customers, and satisfied employees. Shiftwork Solutions led us through a high quality process that proved that a win-win-win is possible, practical, and profitable. Building flexibility into our operating schedules, while meeting these three major components of our business, significantly positions our operations for a workable long-term business equation.

Rick Halpin
Plant Manager
Polymer Group Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Shiftwork Solutions LLC to you. Our organization, the United Auto Workers Local 571, has been associated with Dan Capshaw in the past and found him to be very thorough and attentive to our needs. As a union organization, we are acutely familiar with some of the problems associated with shiftwork. Trying to balance a company’s needs with the needs of its members is not an easy task.

Our members… successfully changed to an alternative shift schedule to meet operational demands. Dan Capshaw… was instrumental in helping the company find fair alternatives that met our members’ needs. If you are thinking about changing schedules, I highly recommend you give Dan a call.

Mel Olsson
President UAW
Local 571

Hiring Shiftwork Solutions was some of the best dollars we have spent. We hired them to help us go to continuous operations with buy-in from the workforce. Dan Capshaw’s exemplary operations analysis and work with our people showed how tightening our policies would be supported by the workforce and allow us to gain the additional capacity that we needed without changing schedules at this time. If you are looking for someone with sincerity and sensitivity in dealing with the whole workforce, then Dan Capshaw and Shiftwork Solutions are the ones you want to call.

Rick Rinard
Plant Manager
Dana Corporation

Shiftwork Solutions helped us to successfully expand from 5 days a week to 7 days a week. Their expertise was instrumental in achieving employee support for this change.

Kathy Amrhein
Human Resources Manager

A shift structure change is an emotional event for an organization and Shiftwork Solutions was great in not only helping us manage that change, but in helping the organization decide what change should be made.

Mike Vanhoy
Vice President of Operations
Infineon Technologies

Jim Dillingham of Shiftwork Solutions is right up there with the best among consultants and business leaders. He learned our business very quickly by studying data and briefly meeting with key people from all levels. By working with and quickly gaining the trust of our people, Jim eliminated the volatility, softened emotions, eased fears, and helped our people select an alternate schedule that best matched their lifestyles. His disarming nature, thorough knowledge of the intricacies of work schedules and how they affect associates and their families, and superb communication skills led to a very successful implementation of an alternate schedule that significantly reduced overtime and turnover.

Jim’s help in writing policies and procedures not only for on-going, day-to-day operations but also for the implementation saved us time and anguish. I knew very little would have to be tweaked as we worked with our new rules for vacation scheduling, holiday pay, over time, pay periods, and attendance. He delivered the best results per consulting dollar I have ever seen. On top of all this, he is fun to work with. Even though we are well over a year into our new schedule, our people still ask me if I ever hear from Jim Dillingham.

John Bartman
SPHR Vice President Human Resources
Snyder’s of Hanover

Shiftwork Solutions helped us focus our resources on our most productive equipment — allowing us to increase our capacity by over 10% without increasing labor costs or buying new equipment. The return on our investment in their consulting services was outstanding.

Mike Crane
Crane Plastics Company

When it comes to helping shiftwork operations perform at the highest level possible, the consultants at Shiftwork Solutions are the best.

Bruce Hill
Vice President Human Resources
The American Coal Company

…Your obvious expertise in shift scheduling, Shiftwork Solutions’ database of schedules and survey results, and the empathy, sincerity and sensitivity that you showed in dealing with our people were exemplary. In combination, these factors produced an on-target consulting result, which was by far the most impact delivered per consulting dollar that I have seen.

C. David Lilly
SiteRock Corporation

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