A Sampling of Shiftwork Solutions

Shiftwork operations tend to have the same types of issues. Here are some of the most common topics we’ve addressed over the past few years. If you have any questions or comments about these topics, please contact us.

By far, the number one issue on every shiftwork operation’s radar is Work-Life Balance.  Here is a link to a look at our approach to this issue.

Other issues include:

Shift Schedules
Different schedules and the shiftwork problems they are designed to solve.
Employee Engagement
Shift schedules are one of your employees’ highest priorities. Their involvement in the evaluation and change process is essential fostering employee engagement.
Asset Utilization
Knowing when and when not to add equipment is crucial in a shiftwork operation.
Sleep and Alertness
How much sleep do you need to be fully alert? Despite years of research, this is still a controversial subject.
Rotating or Fixed Shifts
Does the best shift schedule for your operation and workforce have fixed shifts or rotating shifts?
Pay Policies
When you change shift schedules, you also need to think about tailoring your pay policies to fit the new schedule.
Shift Lengths
One of the biggest innovations in shift schedules over the last 15 years has been the resurgence of longer shifts, especially 12-hour shifts.
Managing Overtime
When used properly, overtime can become a very powerful tool for meeting workload demands while minimizing costs.
Having worked with so many companies to implement new shiftwork solutions, we know what it takes to be successful.
Building Consensus
At Shiftwork Solutions, we use a change process that will help you build consensus within your workforce.
Managing Growth
If your company is growing, your sales and profits are probably up, and your production facilities are being stretched.
Managing Absenteeism
Since workers may be absent for 10% of their scheduled work hours each year, covering absences can be challenging.
Shiftwork operations pose a new set of communication problems that traditional communication methodologies often do not address.
Improving Productivity
Improving employee productivity and overall production is probably on just about every manager’s goals list.
Relieving Bottlenecks
Unless your facility has the infinite capacity or the process flow is perfectly matched at every step, it has at least one bottleneck.
Lean Manufacturing
Successfully implementing lean manufacturing principles can result in impressive improvements in cycle time and production performance.
Relief Crews
Relief crews can be used to provide coverage for breaks, lunches, scheduled absences, and unscheduled absences.
Skill Balance
The smooth operation of your business depends on having the right number of people with the right skills to meet the workload at all times.
Food Processing Sanitation
The food industry has very stringent cleanliness requirements that can only be met by taking vital equipment out of production.
Increase Alertness
Sleep deprivation is greatest among shift workers. Learn how to help your workforce get the sleep they need.

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