About Us

Shiftwork Solutions LLC is the leading consulting company solving shift work problems for organizations with multi-shift operations. Our solutions are designed to satisfy business requirements, while also meeting the needs of the affected employees. We have helped more than 300 companies in a variety of industries to develop successful shift solutions.

In our profession, experience is everything.  Each of our project managers has nearly 30 years of experience working with shift workers (and shiftwork operations) to evaluate, design and implement shift schedules.

We specialize in change management associated with shiftwork operations.  This includes considerations such as cost, local labor availability, production volumes, and future plans.  We work with union and non-union sites.  We have experience in Pharmaceuticals, Refining, Minning, Food Processing, Semi-Conductors, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing of all sorts, Call Centers, Transportation, and Military.

Jim Dillingham and Dan Capshaw are the owners of Shiftwork Solutions LLC. They are also the primary project managers.

Jim DillinghamJim Dillingham is a partner at Shiftwork Solutions LLC.  For the last 28 years, he has helped companies evaluate, design and implement shift schedules.  His broad industry experience includes shiftwork operations in the Food Industry, Manufacturing, Mining, Semi-conductor, Port Operations, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical operations.

Jim’s passion is project work; working with a company and its employees to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.   He is also an accomplished public speaker, routinely participating in conferences and panels related to industrial practices in shiftwork and safety.

Jim graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD with a degree in Mathematics.  After several years of active military service, he went to work for Pepsi Cola Bottling group before moving on to Shiftwork Consulting.  Along the way, Jim picked up a Masters in Management from Purdue University as well as an MBA from ESC, a business school in Rouen, France.

As a partner with Shiftwork Solutions, Jim focuses on Change Management.  His process involves identifying and quantifying any change.  He is a firm believer in employee involvement; with years of experience that say “The more the workforce understands and participates, the better the outcome.”

Jim lives in San Rafael, California with his wife and 2 dogs.

Dan CapshawDan Capshaw is a partner at Shiftwork Solutions LLC.  For more than 25 years he has been helping companies evaluate, design and implement improved shift schedules.  He has worked with just about every industry and field that has shiftwork operations, including food processing, manufacturing, customer service, distribution, maintenance, mining, chemicals, refining, and information technology.

Dan focuses on communication and participation with the stakeholders in his projects.  His goal is to develop a clear understanding of the facts to facilitate good decisions and to identify and implement the optimal shift schedules and work systems for his clients.   He understands Lean management systems and sees many benefits to using Lean principles in the evaluation, change, implementation and management of world-class shift schedules.

Dan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  He performed post-graduate work at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.    He has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University.

Dan started his career as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy, working on several different nuclear-powered submarines.  After leaving the Navy he worked for two years for Chevron Corporation as a Chemical Engineer in their Operations Planning group.  In 1992 Dan began his career as a shiftwork consultant and has been developing his expertise in this field for more than 25 years.

As a partner with Shiftwork Solutions, Dan focuses on change management and operations improvement.  His approach involves understanding the current operations and opportunities and quantifying the benefits of potential alternatives.  He is a firm believer in employee involvement, careful business analysis and when it comes to optimal work schedules, collaborative decision-making.  He knows that the business needs must be met and that things run best when the workforce is happy.

Dan, an avid outdoorsman, lives in Ivins, UT with his wife and dog.

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