Free Video Conference Consultation

During this time of uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 virus, we here at Shiftwork Solutions have asked ourselves, β€œWhat can we do to help our shiftwork communities get through this?” Last week, we shared some β€œout of the box” type ideas to consider in your battle against Covid-19. We’ve received several positive responses to this … Continue reading “Free Video Conference Consultation”

“I Need a Nap!” — It’s time to sleep on shift.

Recently I was meeting with a team of union leaders and managers to discuss their shift schedules and our process for evaluating shift schedules and finding better alternatives. One of the things I often do during the introduction part of the meeting is to ask people to tell me what they want to discuss over the … Continue reading ““I Need a Nap!” — It’s time to sleep on shift.”

Our Clients Are Talking

Every now and then, we like to make sure that organizations not only recognize our knowledge about shift work and the change management process around it but they feel assured that we bring that high level of expertise to the table with every company we work with. We’d like to share some quotes from past … Continue reading “Our Clients Are Talking”

Safety Footnotes

At Shiftwork Solutions, safety concerns are definitely something we have to pay attention to.Β  We keep abreast of safety research as it applies to shiftwork and brings that knowledge to the table when working with companies. Over the years, there are a few standard issues that come up.Β  I’d like to cover those now.Β  I … Continue reading “Safety Footnotes”

How to Engage our Services

There is a book by Malcolm Gladwell called Blink, the Power of Thinking Without Thinking. In a nutshell, he talks about how too much information is not always a good thing.  We often make better choices with less information rather than more. I sometimes worry that our site offers too much.  We really want visitors … Continue reading “How to Engage our Services”

Covering a 12-hour Vacancy

There is no doubt that shift workers prefer 12-hour shifts over 8-hour shifts. It’s not that they like being at work for an extra four hours. They like the additional 91 days off a year. Therein lies the problem. With so many days off, it seems that the crew you need to get in touch … Continue reading “Covering a 12-hour Vacancy”