Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: “A business management concept that describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward his/her job. Engaged employees care about their work and about the performance of the company, and feel that their efforts make a difference.”  (Investopedia)

Plant managers and Human Resource managers will both readily agree that an engaged workforce is preferred over a disengaged one.  An engaged workforce is more productive.  An engaged workforce solves problems.  An engaged workforce enjoys its work environment.  An engaged workforce stays with the company.  An engaged workforce spreads the word, making you the local employer of choice. An engaged workforce feels valued and is instrumental in delivering on growth targets.

Another point that Plant managers and Human Resource managers can agree on is:  Employee engagement does not happen by accident.  It takes effort.  It takes leadership actively seeking opportunities to get their workforce involved. This is the difference between “We want an engaged workforce” and “We actively engage our workforce.”

At Shiftwork Solutions LLC, we can enhance employee engagement at your facility.

Our process engages the workforce beginning with the very first week.  Through a proven process of communication meetings, surveys, and feedback sessions, we draw the workforce into project participation.  They understand constraints, goals, timing, and process.  Their input directly, and quite visibly, helps to determine the final outcome of our project.

Employee engagement ensures minimal anxiety during our process as well as maximum support for the final solution.

The Shiftwork Solutions employee engagement process has been so beneficial, that many companies come to us when a schedule change is optional   They may be considering a review of their schedule but more importantly they want to go through a change process with their employees.  These are sites that already have a good schedule in place but want the workforce to have a say as to whether or not that is the best schedule for them.

Of course, most of our projects do require changing the company’s schedule; a workplace transformation.  In these instances, employee engagement is extremely important.  If you leave the workforce out of this process, not only will the workforce resent the new schedule, but you will have missed an opportunity to engage.

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