Things to Consider when Changing Shift Schedules

by Jim Dillingham, Partner, Shiftwork Solutions It’s amazing how something that looks so simple can be so hard. After all, what could be easier? Just post a new schedule on the bulletin board and implement it on Monday. Or post a couple of schedules and let the workers choose the one they want. How could … Continue reading “Things to Consider when Changing Shift Schedules”

Communicating Major Changes: how a production facility did it successfully

Jim Dillingham, Partner, Shiftwork Solutions LLC When leaders initiate a major change that affects their employees, they want everything to proceed smoothly. They don’t want to alienate the workforce or create any long-lasting disruptions or unnecessary delays. Change that affects the personal lives of people is the most difficult and riskiest type of change. Yet … Continue reading “Communicating Major Changes: how a production facility did it successfully”

Considerations in Changing the Work Schedules of Non-Exempt Employees

by Bruce Oliver, Consultant, Shiftwork Solutions LLC (Republished with permission from the Society of Human Resource Management) Organizations change the work schedules of their non-exempt employees for a variety of reasons: Change the hours/days of operation to match the demand for their products or services. Fix problems such as high absenteeism, hiring/retention issues, or excessive … Continue reading “Considerations in Changing the Work Schedules of Non-Exempt Employees”

Shiftwork Solutions Survey System

Shiftwork Solutions uses surveys to engage the workforce as well as to find out what is really going on from their perspective. This process facilitates the identification and implementation of the ideal shift schedule solution.

Don’t tell me what to do!

Plant managers and Human Resource managers that work with large groups of employees have almost certainly learned one clear truth: People don’t like to be told what to do. Knowing this, at Shiftwork Solutions, we have developed a process of communication and participative employee involvement to help companies through our change process. Companies typically come … Continue reading “Don’t tell me what to do!”

Why is changing schedules so difficult?

Companies are often surprised at how difficult changing a shift schedule can be. There are several reasons for this but the big twoΒ are: Employees are familiar and thus comfortable with their current schedule while something else represents an unknown.Β  To an extent, we all fear the unknown. A schedule is very personal to those that … Continue reading “Why is changing schedules so difficult?”

Knowing the Unknown

For the last 5 years, much of the work that we, at Shiftwork Solutions, have been asked to perform, has been centered around Work-Life Balance. The reason for this is clear – Low Unemployment. Shiftwork operations tend to have a lot of employees.Β  Β Since this particular resource is scarce during periods of low unemployment, companies … Continue reading “Knowing the Unknown”

The difference between “a schedule” and “your schedule”

The number one way that companies find a shift schedule is to hold a meeting and ask, “So, does anyone know of any shift schedule patterns?” There are several false assumptions built into this methodology.Β  One is that all schedules are created equal; that any schedule that covers the hours needed is as good as … Continue reading “The difference between “a schedule” and “your schedule””

Changing Schedules 101

Every now and then, I like to return to the basics.Β  Today I’m going to cover some of the basic DOs and DON’Ts for those of you considering a change to your schedule. DO make sure you have clearly identified your needs.Β  Changing schedules can be a traumatic experience for your workforce.Β  You don’t want … Continue reading “Changing Schedules 101”