Why Us?

At Shiftwork Solutions LLC, our project managers have over fifty-five combined years of experience in solving workplace issues associated with shift work.  We solve coverage problems.  We solve productivity and volume problems.  We solve the overtime problems.  We solve work-life balance problems.  We solve policy problems.  If you have shift workers and a shift schedule, then you are familiar with the types of problems that can arise; problems that we have experience solving.

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Services Offered
Our services can be summarized in one sentence: We solve your shiftwork problem for you.
Our Change Model
We incorporate input from the shiftwork stakeholders while satisfying the goals of the organization.
Service Examples
Get a peek at real-life situations that we’ve created solutions for.
Business Analysis
The business analysis is directed by the project goals established at the beginning of each project.
How we put our solutions to work.
Shiftwork Perspectives
An example of how different perspectives can be between managers and shift workers.
Survey Analysis
Includes graphic depictions of the survey results, generally comparing your company’s responses to those of the average shift worker.
Implementation Package
Give the workforce as much information as possible so that they can make an informed schedule selection.

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Call or text us today at (415) 763-5005 to discuss your operations and how we can help you solve your shift work problems. You can also complete our contact form and we will call you.