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We evaluate, design, and implement shift schedules. Over the last 20 years we have helped more than 300 companies worldwide. We specialize in all aspects of shiftwork operations including:

  • Transitioning from 5 day to 7 day operations
  • Improving employee work life balance
  • Involving the workforce in the solution
  • 24/7 shift schedule management policies

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Shiftworker Fatigue

— Are your employees alert? Are they getting the amount and quality of sleep their bodies need? If you don’t know, or suspect the answer is no, then we can help. Call us at (415) 763-5005 to learn more about our Fatigue Assessment services.

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Successfully implementing a new shift schedule is challenging. At Shiftwork Solutions, we use a proven change process that will help you build consensus within your workforce for the schedule solution your organization needs.  Learn more…

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