How to Streamline Shiftwork Scheduling in 2022

The business and labor challenges have been unprecedented over the past two years in the manufacturing and distribution industries โ€“ workforce shortages, supply chain disruption, adopting new protocols, and the Great Resignation. Industries across the board, including transportation and warehousing, have felt the impact of record-high quit rates, which reached 3% in November, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employers are working harder than ever to ensure safety and productivity, which remain tandemly front and center, while constantly adapting to schedule changes due to the pandemic. While the workforce continues to fluctuate, companies remain dedicated to employee retention and finding new hires. Recent surveys have shown that job hunters want better career opportunities, compensation and benefits, and an improved work-life balance when searching for a new position.

Frontline managers want a solution to alleviate stress and eliminate administrative tasks that consume hours of work per week. Using next generation workforce management technologies allows managers to easily create data-driven schedules for multi-shifts, improve employee self-service, and find better off-the-clock access to employees this year. They imagine using a workforce management platform that helps:

  • Present weekly shiftwork schedules in 30 seconds
  • Ensures fair allocation of work
  • Enables managers to approve requests and see forecasts on-the-go
  • Review and approve time cards
  • Engage hourly workers by enabling improved communication between managers and co-workers
  • Manage and respond to callouts and easily send offers for open shifts
  • Facilitate employee/managers interactions via digital communications
  • Enable employees to contact each other in a secure, auditable channel

There is a way to meet both the needs of employers and employees. Using a workforce management solution, such as Legion WFM, to streamline shiftwork schedule management and optimize employee communications will free up your time, help control labor spending, and optimize employee engagement and productivity. No more hoping for a change in 2022. Legion can help you transform your manufacturing or distribution facility by simultaneously optimizing labor efficiencies and enhancing the employee experience while retaining hourly employees. Learn more by watching this recent webcast, โ€œTransforming Distribution Center Operations with AI-Powered WFM.โ€