12 most frequently asked questions from business leaders before undergoing a schedule change

Once Operations and Human Resource Managers realize that some pain points may have a common root-cause, they may put their heads together and come to an agreement – their shift schedule may be causing many of their biggest problems.  Some proactive steps must be taken. As an exploration gets underway, questions arise from seemingly every direction. These questions should be embraced. And, there are numerous questions that must be addressed.  Failure to do so doesn’t make the change process easier; it dooms it to failure or, at the very least, sub-par performance. Here is a sampling of some of the most common questions companies have when they start looking into a schedule change:

  1. How many people will leave if we change schedules? ― your guess is probably higher than reality.
  2. What will the new schedule look like? ― shift length, pattern, staffing all to be considered.
  3. How much overtime should we be using?  ― understanding the right level for our workforce and the cost implications.
  4. We are competing with companies that are all doing the same things we are doing to attract employees.  How can we attract and retain quality employees in a tight labor market?  How can we set ourselves apart?
  5. What can we change about our schedule to lower employee turnover? Is there a schedule that makes people want to stay with a given company?  ― employee participation is key to answering this question.
  6. When is the best time to implement a new schedule?  ― the timing can influence the success of the change process.
  7. What policies need to be adjusted to accommodate a 12-hour schedule? ― holidays, vacations and industry standards are part of the answer.
  8. What is the difference between a young workforce and an older workforce? ― understanding the implications of employee demographics is important.
  9. Should we be using Temporary or Part-Time workers in certain areas?  ― labor costs are important but so is productivity. 
  10. How do we staff and schedule for a variable workload? ― options should include overtime, temporary labor, and complementary/discretionary work.
  11. How do I not disturb the workforce by such a change when implementing change inherently disturbing? ― start with employee engagement.
  12. How do I manage a complex and overwhelming change process successfully?

How you answer these questions and dozens of others will be sure to come up.  This is where Shiftwork Solutions comes in.  Our experts and recognized change leaders have 60 combined years of shiftwork consulting experience, helping business leaders to capture market share, increase profits while attracting and retaining a quality workforce.  We can work with you to create a schedule that promotes your goals. Give us a call at (415) 858-8585 and talk to an expert for free.  We can help you to succeed.