Best Practices in Shift Work Operations (Part 4 of 10)

It takes an order of magnitude greater effort to recruit from another plant than from the ranks of the unemployed. During times of low unemployment, it is important to understand the cost of your options for keeping a position filled.  You can hire people off the street but there is always the β€œWhy don’t they … Continue reading “Best Practices in Shift Work Operations (Part 4 of 10)”

A message to the shift worker

The question of when and how to address workers before a change can be challenging. One of the main reasons companies come to Shiftwork Solutions for help is our reputation for engaging the workforce ─ before a shift schedule change takes place. However, there is always the question of β€œHow should we first introduce Shiftwork … Continue reading “A message to the shift worker”

Make Flexible Scheduling part of your Shiftwork Operation

During the pandemic, many companies have found that flexible scheduling ideas such as work-from-home, helped them to attract and retain valuable employees. A neat trick during a tight labor market if you can pull it off. However, for many companies with production lines on-site, work-from-home is not feasible. Does this mean flexible scheduling is not … Continue reading “Make Flexible Scheduling part of your Shiftwork Operation”

Is it possible to implement multiple schedules at one site?

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients at Shiftwork Solutions is, β€œCan we implement more than one schedule?” The answer is yes!  This may be the best solution for several reasons, but it comes with caveats. More schedules mean more complexity. The complexity must be evaluated on a risk v. reward … Continue reading “Is it possible to implement multiple schedules at one site?”

Best Practices in Shift Work Operations (Part 3 of 10)

Don’t assume a 15-minute change in shift times is β€œno big deal”. Managers judge a schedule by β€œthe coverage it provides.”  Shift workers, on the other hand, judge a schedule by β€œthe time off it provides.”  In other words, they are looking at the type of lifestyle they can carve out around the time they … Continue reading “Best Practices in Shift Work Operations (Part 3 of 10)”

Attracting and Creating a Sticky Workforce

Over the last several years, the number one issue that companies bring to Shiftwork Solutions is the difficulty they are having with keeping vital job postings filled.Β Β  This comes from a combination of high turnover and less than fruitful recruiting efforts. Β  Let’s start with the obvious ─ there is a lot of value in … Continue reading “Attracting and Creating a Sticky Workforce”

Turning Disruption into Opportunity

2020 has been a year unlike any other. The pandemic upended daily routines and many of our clients have been facing unexpected challenges. Swings in consumer demand and COVID-19 compliance issues tested even the most talented problem solvers. In these situations, many companies saw an increased need for specialized expertise to navigate unfamiliar waters. Addressing … Continue reading “Turning Disruption into Opportunity”