Shiftwork Solutions Survey System

Shiftwork Solutions uses surveys to engage the workforce as well as to find out what is really going on from their perspective. This process facilitates the identification and implementation of the ideal shift schedule solution.

If you are like most successful companies, you have made Employee Engagement a top priority.  You have a participative environment that invites the workforce to share in the creation and therefore, ownership of solutions to operational issues and problems.

Then, one day along comes the need to look at your shift schedule.  Perhaps you are running too much overtime, or you are out of capacity.  Maybe your product flow is not optimized, or your employees are dissatisfied with the current schedule.  For whatever reason, you come to the point in time where there is a need to consider changing your shiftwork structure.

Many companies find that changing shift schedules generates a surprisingly visceral response from their employees.  There is a reason for this; an important reason.  Shift workers don’t judge a schedule by the hours it makes them work.  They judge a schedule by the hours it DOESN’T make them work.  In other words, their schedule tells them how they can structure their lives outside of the workplace.

If you change a schedule, you are changing the lifestyle of your employees. This makes it personal.

With a change like this, standard practices can become stretched or even non-functional.  Employee Engagement practices that worked before are now viewed through skeptical eyes.

Shiftwork Solutions has helped hundreds of companies and their employees through this time of high anxiety. We have created a solution, a Survey System, which helps overcome disruptions of this kind.  This is an Employee Engagement Tool with quantifiable results.

Our surveys are administered online and can be accessed through a computer or an employee’s cell phone.  Introductory and explanatory videos are part of every survey.

Edward Deming famously said, β€œIn God we trust; all others bring data.”

The Shiftwork Solutions Survey System consists of three separate surveys; each sequential one building on the results of the previous surveys. The surveys themselves are designed to find out what the workforce is looking for with regards to a work-life balance.  How much overtime do they want?  What types of patterns do they prefer?  What is their favorite shift to work?  The surveys also find out about attitudes towards the company as well as how they are dealing with alertness and sleep issues. The data collected by the survey system allows us to drill down to the important issues as well as identify hot spots.  Results are tabulated in different ways, including (1) By shift, (2) By length of service, (3) By department and (4) By current shift assignment.

The administration of the surveys includes comprehensive communications with the workforce.  We make sure that everyone is well informed.  They will know what is going on, why things are happening, when things are happening and, most importantly, what level of input is needed from the workforce. Remember, the schedule is about their quality of life away from work.  If you want to know what that looks like, you need to ask.

Why are the surveys important?

Beyond the fact that they get the workforce involved, they allow us to create a shiftwork structure that meets their needs.  Beyond that, the surveys also help find solution best supporting your strategic business direction.

The Shiftwork Solutions Survey System, administered by our shiftwork experts, is what you need to keep your employees focused and engaged as you work through a major change in your shift schedule.

Call or text us today at (415) 858-8585 to discuss how our survey system can help you find the key to satisfying your employees’ work-life balance needs while, at the same time, achieving your business goals.